Monday, February 8, 2010

The secret to Drew Brees' success-TRX!

A lot of companies–including Coca-Cola (KO), Walt Disney (DIS), Intel (INTC), and a parade of automakers–have a vested interest in a lot of people watching this Sunday’s Super Bowl. A record-breaking 100 million viewers is the target audience advertisers dream about.

One entrepreneur I talked with this week doesn’t have the big bucks (close to $3 million) to buy a 30-second spot on Super Bowl XLIV. But Randy Hetrick, the founder of a hot little company called Fitness Anywhere, has a vested interest in the New Orleans Saints beating the Indianapolis Colts. That’s because Saints quarterback Drew Brees is an investor in Fitness Anywhere. And the company’s product, a suspension-strap strength-training system called TRX, had something to do with Brees’ stunning comeback from serious injury a few years ago.