Saturday, November 6, 2010 live on Fandango

Fandango has selected to power it's movie trailer section. Take a look at to see how we aggregate and filter tweets around each movie title to provide even more help to Fandango users to decide how to spend their next movie night. live with Eastern Mountain Sports is now now live with Adventure 16, NRS, and Eastern Mountain Sports. Our customized adventure centers offer some of the top guided adventures around the world in a fully branded online environment. Gear recommendations come with every trip itinerary. Take a look at;jsessionid=Xg2QMV7T7PKbFp1LhGzKxc11hLLVKGVTJbFLYZdzLnh7JQmpvywR!-1068558987?categoryId=4211755 and find your next adventure.

New Nanotronics website, and...

We've got a new website! Nanotronics Imaging has developed an inspection microscope which incorporates a convergence of modern optics, motion control and image capture, combined with unique measurements in order to provide the first industrial "Point and Shoot" microscopes. With a focus on crisp high resolution, rapid and easy to use analysis, and customer configuration,nSpec and other Nanotronics Imaging products are designed to make object recognition and defect detection repeatable and quantifiable. We are currently working with 2 major wafer companies, and anticipate announcing several new customers in the next few weeks.